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        The trolley of the trolley furnace is equipped with a heat-resistant steel furnace bottom plate resistant to heavy pressure for carrying workpieces. Since the workpiece will generate oxide scale after heating and fall around the heating element through the gap between the furnace bottom plate, resulting in the fusing of the resistance wire, in order to prevent the open circuit damage of the heating element and prolong the service life of the trolley furnace, the following matters should be paid attention to during use:
        1. The furnace bottom plate used on the trolley furnace shall be plug-in contact, so that the workpiece oxide scale will not easily fall near the heating element.
        2. The furnace bottom plate shall have sufficient thickness to place heavy-duty workpieces without deformation.

        3. The furnace bottom plate shall be provided with stiffeners according to the design specifications.
        4. For normal use, it is necessary to frequently purge the oxide scale under the bottom plate. The trolley furnace is generally purged once a week. During purging, lift the bottom plate of the furnace and purge the oxide scale in the resistance wire groove with compressed air. Pay attention to prevent the oxide scale from causing short in the furnace wire.
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