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        Box resistance furnace is a special equipment specially developed for laboratories of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises to sinter, melt, analyze and produce ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, new material development, special materials, building materials, metals, nonmetals and other chemical and physical materials.
        Box resistance furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic operation electric furnace, which is mainly used for heat treatment such as normalizing, quenching and annealing of alloy steel products and various metal parts, or high-temperature sintering of cutting blades such as diamond.
        What should be paid attention to when using box resistance furnace for ash detection?
        1. After the sample is preliminarily burned, take it out for cooling. Slowly add a small amount of deionized water from the edge of the crucible (do not directly put wine on the residual ash to prevent the residual ash from flying) to dissolve the water-soluble salts, expose the wrapped carbon particles and evaporate them dry in a water bath.
        Fully dry in the oven (fully remove water to prevent the residual ash from flying due to heating during re ashing), and then burn to constant weight.

        2. When the crucible is put into or taken out of the muffle furnace, stay at the furnace mouth for a moment to preheat or cool the crucible to prevent the crucible from cracking due to drastic temperature change.
        3. Crucible clamp when heating the crucible, preheat it on the electric furnace or muffle furnace for a while.
        4. The burned crucible shall be cooled to below 200 ℃ and then moved into the dryer, otherwise the residual ash is easy to scatter due to thermal convection, and the cooling speed is slow. After cooling, a large vacuum is formed in the dryer, and the cover is not easy to open.
        5. When the crucible is put into the dryer, cover it first, and then slowly push the cover open to release the air. Repeat this several times, tighten the cover and cool to room temperature.
        6. When taking out the crucible from the dryer, due to the vacuum inside, when the cover is opened to restore normal pressure, it should be gently moved to make the air flow in slowly to prevent the residual ash from flying away.
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