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        The well furnace needs to use the driving equipment to insert multiple locking rods into the gap at the same time, and keep them fixed through the locking parts, so as to improve the sealing in the furnace and improve the working performance. This method also saves the consumption of electric energy.
        The method for improving the efficiency of the well furnace is to set a plurality of gaps around the edge of the well furnace shell, fix the locking rods respectively embedded in the opening on the furnace wall, the external thread connection on the locking rod is helpful to fasten the locking parts, and also includes a driving device for setting a rise and fall on the inner wall outside the furnace, and making the locking rod rotate and embedded in the driving ring of the opening.

        The well furnace is mainly applicable to the quenching heat treatment technology of coiled cable, copper, stainless steel plate, steel chain and metal parts, so that the air oxidation of the product workpiece after quenching is less, there is no carburization and the product remains clean.
        When the locking rod is fixed to the furnace shell, one side of the locking rod away from the furnace wall is repelled on the inner cavity of the drive ring. The driving ring of the driving equipment rises along the surface of the furnace wall. At the same time, when a plurality of locking rods are rotated and embedded into the opening, the process of rotating the locking rod into the gap is omitted. The furnace cover can be fixed only by rotating the locking part bolted to the locking rod. The actual operation is convenient and the installation efficiency is improved.
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